Destiny 2: Izanami Forge Guide – How To Unlock The Third Forge And Everything To Know

Destiny 2: Izanami Forge Guide – How To Unlock The Third Forge And Everything To Know

The quest for finding and completing the third Black Armory Forge is much more involved than the first two. Here’s what you need to do to unlock it and begin earning rewards.

Izanami Forge Unlock Complete Guide Destiny 2 Black Armory

How to unlock the izanami forge in destiny 2 black armory.

Destiny 2 Solo Guide: How To Unlock Izanami Forge

Alright guardians, this is the solo players guide on how to unlock the Izanami Forge. Here are all the steps:

Kill vex until you get vex transponder
Kill 100 vex on Nessus
Spire Integration Heroic Public Event (hallows or left side of map is best)
Kill 20 minotaurs on Nessus  (Spire integration heroic again in best)
A mission in the hollows to rekindle the forge
Talk to Ada 1 (ignitor broken)
Glimmer extraction EDZ (Trostland), Witches Ritual Mars (Glacial Drift) or Titan (The Rig), Spire Integration Nessus (hallows is guaranteed SIPE) all heroic
Get Precision Multi kills on Fallen enemies, Destroy taken blights in lost sectors on IO (load into rupture do lost sector sanctum of bones in front of you kill one blight, then reload and run it 4 more times, special mission on Nessus (if you’re a hunter put on triple jump.
Volundr Forge Completion
Talk to Ada 1
Insight Terminus 630 recommended
Talk to Ada 1

Insight Terminus Solo Guide:

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Destiny 2 – Fastest Guide To Unlocking IZANAMI FORGE – Full Quest Steps & Shortcuts!

A guide to unlocking the Izanami Forge quick!! Enjoy!

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Destiny 2 | Izanami Forge Guide- How to Beat it & Get the 3rd (Butterfly) Key

In this video, I go over how to unlock the Izanami Forge, how to beat the boss, which strategies to use, how to unlock the 3rd mysterious box key aka butterfly key, and more! Hope you enjoy this #Destiny2 Izanami Forge Guide! BTW the third crest has been solved while I made this video. So keep eyes open for that here soon! Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays, Guardians!

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